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Video: Shut up! Flower boy band, Seducing Mr. Perfect, Spring waltz, Calling Shanghai trailer
Audio: Carolina Liar - Show me what I'm looking for
Plot: It's a live trailer (fanmade) of Junjou Terrorist.
For Junjou Romantica go here - youtu.be/JDFxswarNE0
Comment: Actually Terrorist is my favorite part of Junjou Romantica...but since I made Usami/Misaki and Miyagi/Shinobu already, I think I might do Junjou Egoist too :)) but about characters I'm not sure yet, so if you got any ideas, pls share them with me :))
BTW I know actors are Korean and manga (and anime) is Japanese...but I mostly watch Korean dramas, so I'm using characters from there, I understand this may bug a lot of people XD

Download on mediafire (55 mb)

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