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3 серия 2 сезона Мерлина

I hope to never fall, where enough is not the same it was before...
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В общем наконец-то серия что надо!! :five: Ура, гиб гиб УРА!! :vict: Arlin is back!!

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Нас продолжают обламывать и даже в РПСе

I hope to never fall, where enough is not the same it was before...
Bradley James as Arthur in Merlin

Интервью, где Бредли подпортил нам всю малину - тут

Вот самый жуткий кусок:
"The producers and writers have decided to move the story on quite quickly," says Coulby, "especially Gwen's relationship with Arthur. [The writers] wanted to progress towards the legend that everybody knows. In series one, Gwen fancied Merlin, but that's sort of been brushed away…"

"Arthur hasn't really been aware that Gwen exists," James continues, "but that's about to change. For some time, 'shippers' online have been pairing Arthur with Gwen, or Gwen with Merlin, or even Merlin and Arthur! It's kind of a compliment that people enjoy elaborating on the Arthur/Merlin relationships in that way," laughs James, "but I'm pretty sure - and I hope to God - that we won't be! I think Colin and I would like to avoid going down that route."

Брала от сюда

Кстати красие оформление дневника и прикольое фото, которого раньше я не видела...

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