I hope to never fall, where enough is not the same it was before...

Warning: This is slash - don't like - don't watch...
Video: Tangled, Happily n'ever after
Music: in the video
Pairings: Flynn & Rick
Plot: Rick and Flynn meet in Snuggly duckling, when Flynn gets beaten up. Rick manages to convince thugs to let him go...than guards appear. Flynn and Rick are both wanted men for different reasons. They travel together and Rick finds out Flynn is a thief, though Flynn still can't figure out, why guards chase Rick. They both help each other a lot, till one day they got caught Flynn tries to get them away by giving the crown back, but they're not after it, but after Rick, who turns out to be a runaway Prince. Rick gets Flynn out of prison with a promise not to steal :)) and he gets back home too. And happy ending...
Комментарий: Да мне стыдно, я делаю и Диснеевский слеш временами :facepalm3:

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